Starter kit Control Panel, Servos and computer interface

Starter kit for control panel and turnout control with servos

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The "Christmas special" as a starter kit was so appreciated that we continue with it!

A starter kit with decoder for Control Panel, 5 servos with mounting, servo decoder, one Bluetooth interface and LocoNet termination card.

Enables the control of 5 servos with buttons connected directly to the decoder, and/or remote control from a panel or a computer.

A control panel is built with the panel decoder. The panel decoder can handle 16 buttons and 64 LEDs.
LEDs are connected through driver cards and on card for 12 LEDs is included in the package. Add more LED driver cards (LED12 and/or LED3) if more then 12 LEDs are needed.

If more then 16 buttons/64 LEDs are needed for the control panel, add more panel decoders.

Bluetooth interface is used to connect a smart phone or computer for configuration of the decoder parameters.

If more then one decoder is to be connected to each other, or when the Bluetooth interface is used, the supplied LocoNet Termination card should be used. This is nor required if a LocoNet central is connected to LocoNet.

Included in the package:  1 panel decoder, 1 LED12, 5 servos with mounting, 1 servo decoder (Servo5), 1 Bluetooth interface and 1 LocoNet termination card.
For more information about the items, se there product pages or the  documentation pages.

Needed, but not included, are power supply for decoder and LocoNet termination, and cables between units (RJ12).