LED3, LED driver card

Driver card for 3 standard LED

Sales price 26,00 kr
Sales price without tax 20,80 kr

Driver card for use together with MGP panel decoder and Signal decoder.

This driver card handle 3 standard LED.
LEDs are connected directly to the card (without any resistors - brightness is controlled from the decoder).

Can be used to drive e.g. railroad signals like e.g. the Swedish signals from JECO. Signals should have common + (common anode) and any resistor shall be removed.

Several driver cards can be connected to the same decoder in serial.

The driver card is connected to the decoder with the same connection as standard servos. The card comes with 8cm connection cables.
LEDs are soldered directly to the card.

The card can be delivered as a bare card without any connection. Choose "bare card" if this options is required.

For more information see instruction LED-card.


Example of cards connected to signals. On the lef a signle card connectiod to a two-light signal, and to the right there are two cards (in a "sandwich") connected to a 5 light signal.:
LED 3 till signaler