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Current supply, so called LocoNet terminator

Current supplier for LocoNet, so called LocoNet termination
Strömförsörjning LocoNet

Sales price 95,00 kr
Sales price without tax 76,00 kr

If LocoNet is used without a connected central, LocoNet needs current supplied from somewhere else. This card , a so called LocoNet termination, is used for this.

Can add 12 volt power to the LocoNet Railsync, if required.

Needs a power supply of 12-15 volts which is not included.


Settings for jumpers on the card

The card has three jumpers that can be changed to adapt the card to different usage.

Normal use with the MGP system

The card should be powered with a 12 volt power supply.
The card will supply 12 volt on LocoNet Railsync (max 0,5 A).
This is the setting when the card is delivered.

"Power Select" - jumper to the side marked "Ext"
"LN 12V" - in place
"LN 1-6" - in place

Usage toghether with the MGP Electricity Distribution Cards

With the MGP Electricity Distribution cards, the LocoNet Railsync is used as a power supply. This card will not need any external power supply.

"Power Select" - jumper to the side marked "LN"
"LN 12V" - removed
"LN 1-6" - in place

Speciality for extremely large layout on the largest module meetings

In some situations the current for the LocoNet signal needs added support.
No power supply.

"Power Select" - jumper to the side marked "LN"
"LN 12V" - removed
"LN 1-6" - removed