Signal decoder, US signals

Decoder for US signals on the model railway
Signal decoderSignal decoder

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A new version of the board is released in June 2023. This board can now be powered via the LocoNet cable.
The USB connector that was there before has been removed.
The board has a screw terminal where 5 volts can be supplied as an alternative to LocoNet supply.
This new board is black and the previous version was green.

Decoder to control signals on the model railway.

The decoder uses LocoNet for communication.

The decoder works with US signal aspects and manages 10 signals with up to 7 lights in each (a total max of 64 lights).
Switching the light on and of simulates the smooth transitions of the real signal. Blink interval, intensity of lights etc. is configurable in the decoder.

Signals can be controlled externally from a computer or panel, and/or work fully automatic based on occupied tracks, state of switches and the state of other signals.

Uses LocoNet and work together with other units that supports LocoNet.

16 connections that can be used by occupancy detectors.
Direction dependent track status can be defined. This means a "sensor" that reports a train on the track coming only from a given direction.

Needs a power supply of 5 Volt, not included.
Power supply can be of type "mobile phone charger" and connects through an "USB micro"connection or through a "screw terminal".
Card can be connected together through the screw terminal" and use the same 5volt power supply.

Intended for signals using LED lights. The signals connected through LED driver boards type LED3 and/or LED12.

 Two alternative ways to power the decoder. There are two jumpers on the card that are used to select the power supply.
1. Screw terminal is available for external connection of 5 volts DC. If external power is used, the jumpers must be removed.
2. The decoder can be powered through the LocoNet cable, if it has sufficient capacity. When supplying power from LocoNet, the jumpers must be in place.
To use power supply from LocoNet it is recommended to use the MGP Electricity distribution card.

Link to the instruction manual Instruction Signal decoder.