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Signal shaft

Signal shaft for easy mounting of signals on the layout
Signalschakt i delarSignalschakt i delar

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Signalschakt hopsattSignalschakt hopsatt
Signal i signalschaktSignal i signalschakt

A signal shaft for easy mounting of signals on the layout.

Consist of an outer pipe that is permanently place in a hole.
The signal is mounted in the inner attachment with a cover on the top.
The inner attachment can then be places in the outer pipe.

The package consist of the outer pipe, the inner attachment and a two part cover.

The outer pipe is monted in a hole with diameter 14mm.
The square cover is 14mm.

The inner attachment has a slot suitable for the MGP signals (10mm).
The small generic signal cards can also be mounted.


Outer pipe: diameter 14mm, length 20mm
Inner pipe: diameter 12mm, length 30mm

Slot for a PCB in the inner pipe: PCB width 10mm.
Width for PCB placed in the inner pipe outside of the slot: PCB width 9.2mm