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Turntable decoder/controller

Decoder for control of turntables.
Turntable DecoderTurntable Decoder

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Sensor for turntableTurntable DecoderSensor for turntableTurntable Decoder

Decoder for controlling a turntable.

The decoder offers free track placement, adjustable speed and acceleration, remote control to each track position, feedback for positions, motion, etc.

Can be used for home made turntables or other turntables if converted to stepper motor.

Controlled engine shall be of stepper motor. The decoder has connection for unipolar stepper motor of max 500mA.
Bipolar motors can be used with separate motor driver cards adapted to the engine and desired effect.

The decoder works with free track placement, ie the tracks can connect to angle location around the turntable. The position of the track is set in the decoder and the decoder can then go to the desired position.
Up to 36 tracks can be handled.

There are three buttons on the card, which can be used to step through tracks and also used for programming new track positions.
Connection is available for connecting separate buttons with the same function.

The decoder can be controlled via LocoNet and works fully with MGP's other components.
So, for example, the panel decoder can used for advanced control with direct control to each track position, etc.
Also feedback is available, so the panel decoder can display with light when a track position is in line, the turntable is in motion, etc.

The decoder uses a sensor under the platform to find a position. This consists of a photo sensor "fork" and is included with the decoder.
The sensor is on a small separate card and is to be placed under the platform. On the underside of the platform a small plastic pin is placed that passes through the fork when rotation. The point where the decoder detects the pin in the fork, becomes the reference position - "zero degrees". All track positions are calculated after from this point.
Should the platform get stuck during rotation and get out of sync, the decoder will be recalibrated next time the zero point is detected.

If external polarization of the track is required, this can be handled by the decoder together with a relay card.

The decoder can operate smaller unipolar stepper motors of 5V/max 500mA. Examples of such are the commonly used "28BYJ-48" available online.
Number of steps for the stepper motor and gear are selected to fit the turntable to be driven.
More powerful engines are usually Bipolar and require a separate motor drive that is controlled from the decoder.

The decoder can be used without other MGP components. Basic settings such as track positions can then be set via buttons on the decoder.
For more settings, such as speed, acceleration, etc. the Bluetooth interface and the LocoNet Programming App is used.

Power supply of 5 volts, 1-2 A should be used, not included. The power supply can be of the type of "mobile phone charger" with "USB micro" connector.

Link to manual.