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Switch decoder 5, traditional

Switch decoder for switches with traditional motors
Switch decoder for 5 traditional switch motorsSwitch decoder for 5 traditional switch motors

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Sales price without tax 296,00 kr

A decoder used to control turnouts on the model railway.

One decoder can handle up to 5 switches, controlled either by solenoid based switches (Fleischmann, Roco, Märklin etc.) or by motor based (Conrad, Tortoise, Tillig etc).
Note, from October 2021, a new version of the decoder is delivered. This model is also suitable for power hungry motors like the Peco solenoids. Previous model was not suitable for those.

Turnout can be controlled locally by buttons connected to the decoder or remotely from a panel or computer by the use of LocoNet.

All configurations are done with a mobile phone or a computer through LocoNet.

Very easy to handle but yet with a large set of available functionality.

Fully compatible with LocoNet and can be used together with other LocoNet compatible products on the market.

Power according to the needs of the switch motor used. Minimum 5 Volt and maximum 19 Volt.


- controls 5 traditional switch motor of traditional sollenoid based type or electrical motor based..

- connections for buttons to change turnouts, either push buttons or switch buttons.

- Support for routes, ie one change order may set several turnouts to provide a path to eg the platform. 5 different routes with 6 switches per route can be set.

  A route will have its own address and can be controlled from local buttons and from remote panels etc.
  Turnouts in a route can be both internal to the decoder as well as external (from other decoders).

- dependence between turnouts can be added. An example of use could be two turnouts providing a transition between the sides on a double track, where changing one will automatically change the other.

- locking of switches, eg if you want to use  a physical key to allow switching.

- 5 inputs (1/0) for track status sensors (occupied track). This function uses the same inputs as for local buttons so these two functions can not be used simultaneously.

- direction dependent track status can be defined. This means a "sensor" that reports a train on the track coming only from a given direction.

- Advanced rule management for events at the model railway where the turnouts can be made to change based on occupied tracks, signals position, state of other turnouts, etc.
  With a few simple rules, one decoder can fully control an automatic loopback or a railroad crossing equipped with barriers!

- Etc.

Here is the manual for the decoder.