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Starter kit: traditional switch control and computer connection

Starter kit with switch decoder, bluetooth connection and LocoNet termination card.
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A starter kit with one switch decoder, one Bluetooth interface and a LocoNet termination card.

One decoder can handle up to 5 switches, controlled either by sollenoid based switches (Fleischmann, Roco, Märklin etc.) or by motor based (Conrad, Tortoise, Tillig etc).
Not suitable for older Peco sollenoids that require a lot of power during switching.

Bluetooth interface is used to connect a smart phone or computer for configuration of the decoder parameters.

If more then one decoder is to be connected to each other, or when the bluetooth interface is used, the supplied LocoNet Termination card should be used. This is nor required if a LocoNet central is connected to LocoNet.

Included in the package:  1 switch decoder (Switch decoder 5, traditional), 1 Bluetooth interface and 1 LocoNet termination card.
For more information about the items, se there product pages or the  documentation pages.

Needed, but not included, are power supply for decoder (5volt) and for LocoNet termination (12volt), and cables between units (RJ12).